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More Services

Metro Engineering offers a wide variety of additional services for clients.

Water Intrusion Assessment

We use advanced industry field-testing and investigations to locate the source of water infiltration into any structure, resulting from a combination of construction defects, poor workmanship, improper installation or material defects. Our goal is to create a dry and water-tight environment for our clients’ residential or commercial structures. We have a great reputation for solving water intrusion issues anywhere on the building façade, whether located at a window, door or roof.

Repair and Restoration Design

We specialize in the repair and restoration of façades, balconies and garages, constructed of concrete, steel, wood or even aluminum. Our dedication to these complex projects gives clients a high comfort level.

Building Envelope Evaluation

Metro Engineering with its experts pride itself in providing extensive and detailed structural evaluations of buildings in the residential and commercial sectors. Our inspections are visual and invasive depending on the site-specific conditions that exist. Unsafe conditions are identified during inspections to safeguard pedestrian and property from falling debris from buildings. This service is sometime performed in conjunction with water intrusion and waterproofing services.

Roofing and Waterproofing

Maintaining a watertight environment is one of the most important aspects to preserving any structure. We can recommend the most cost-effective and durable solutions for appropriate roofing and waterproofing systems to prevent water from infiltrating roofs, plazas, and underground foundations.

Inspection Services

Inspections are made available for all engineering assignments for community associations, developers, commercial clients, and others. Projects typically begin with an initial examination of the site so we can identify as many challenges as possible relevant to upcoming work.

Risk Management

Metro Engineering offers a suite of services to enable Developers and Builders to reduce risk during the construction process. The services provided help to identify risk at the document development phase, during construction and at the turnover stage. Metro Engineering always focuses on the critical stages of construction at the beginning and all the way through an owners project and beyond.

Specification, Bidding and Contract Management

Metro Engineering provides preparation of specification, managing of the bidding of projects plus the contract administration that is necessary to complete projects for our clients. Mero provides specification for civil, structural, geotechnical, mechanical and electrical design specifications. Scopes of work are detailed in our bid documents highlighting drawings and terms and conditions for the specific projects. Our high level Quality assurance is heavily stressed during the contract administration stage where oversee is crucial.


Our Engineering professionals provide services including conceptual site plans, site design and permitting and create a path forward for our clients to navigate the regulatory processes. Our scheduled oriented staff focuses on deadlines to accomplish the goals set at the start of the design process. Oversight of our site and civil projects are always conducted with reducing cost and delays for our clients.